Don’t wait for problems to find you


Shupe Computer Solutions is invested in making sure computers solve problems for your business, not cause them. We are diligent in making sure the solutions we put in place are the best for your needs, and want to make sure they serve you well into the future.


Protect Your Investment

Your company’s computers, servers and other network hardware are vital pieces of equipment for your company. Those of you that have had a PC or network outage know the disruption it causes. Keeping this equipment up to date and running properly is critical to your company’s success.


Proactively Prevent Security Lapses

There are more and more security and software updates that are being released, and they need to be installed promptly. Microsoft sends out security and software updates for all of its products the second Tuesday of each month. It’s referred to as “Patch Tuesday” in the IT world. Most of your computers will download and install these automatically, but your network servers will not. The servers need to be updated manually and rebooted at a time when it causes the least disruption.


Third-party Updates

There are many other updates, for other software, that are released periodically throughout the month and require user intervention to get them installed. Updates to software such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, anti-virus software, backup software and just about any other software that runs on your computers. It is important to get these updates installed promptly, as a recent study noted that over 70% of the virus and malware infections were caused due to unpatched software and could have been prevented.


Dirty Computers = Sick Computers

In addition to keeping the PCs updated it is also important to keep them clean, verify the backups are working properly and to be sure the power protection and battery backups are working correctly.

A+++ service! Eric Shupe is exactly what you want from your IT specialist. He’s honest, on time, easy to reach and has a good understanding of all programs. I’d recommend him without question. Michelle L. Gray

Affiliate and Community Outreach Manager, West Michigan Affiliate of Susan G. Komen



  • All available Microsoft updates are downloaded and installed to each PC and server
  • Any available Adobe, Java, antivirus and other software updates are downloaded and installed
  • Backups are verified, power protection and the batteries in the UPSs are tested
  • A malware scan is run and anything found is removed
  • Server logs are looked over and any error messages addressed

* Approximate time is 15 to 45 minutes per computer.

  • Includes all monthly plan tasks
  • Clearing all the temp files on each PC
  • Performing a hard drive capacity and health check

* Approximate time is 30 to 45 minutes per computer.

  • Includes all tasks from the plans above
  • Updates for networking equipment (routers/firewalls)
  • Updates for print servers and tape drives

* Approximate time is 30 to 45 minutes per computer and 15 to 30 minutes for routers and other network devices.

  • Includes all tasks from the plans above
  • Cleaning all PCs and servers

* Approximate time is 45 to 90 minutes per computer.

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* Time and labor will be billed at the normal hourly rate. The times listed per plan are approximate as it depends on the speed and age of the computer, the amount of updates available, and if any other problems may be found.

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